One. More. Time!

Back at SHSU, I had a journal long before the word “blog” was bandied about. I’ve gone through many incarnations (and addresses) for my blogs, so I’m hoping that this will be the last one. Seriously. The last one. 

I’m planning on using this to keep in contact with friends and family that are spread out over the US and UK, as Facebook and Twitter aren’t really designed for long stories. Gregg has a wonderful blog, but he just hasn’t really had the time to update it in a long time.
I think the most important thing that has happened recently was our perfect wedding that happened last month. June 27th to be exact. The weather reports had been threatening clouds and rain, but the day turned out to be the exact opposite – bright and sunny! People even got sunburned. I was so pleased that we went with our gut instinct and booked Dunnottar for the event – it was breathtaking. Bob, the celebrant, put us completely at ease and did a great job with the ceremony. Even the seagulls, famous for their aggressive nature, left us alone that day.
I only cried a little bit when I was getting ready (Lindsey, James, Dave, and my mother all had to yell at me so I wouldn’t ruin my make up). James had to dance like a monkey at several points to get me to stop sniffling. I also teared up a bit when Dad lifted my veil to give me away – it was such a surreal moment, like out of a romantic comedy movie that has a happy ending.
We had a nice meal at the golf club and had a fun evening at the Waterwheel. I even managed to sing the National Anthem.
Scotland was lovely, but after being there a month, I don’t think I’d adjust very well to living in the UK. I’m just too… American to adjust well, I think. I loved the countryside, the food, Gregg’s friends, the highland cows, the North Sea, and the chilly air, but there were just too many things that I don’t think that I could get over. I was surprised at how vulgar the Scots were. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been known to let out an expletive or two, but this was ridiculous. In one instance when we were walking to Gregg’s grandfather’s flat, a women was screaming obscenities at her small child. When a passer-by apparently turned to look at the spectacle, the woman turned on him, screaming at him to mind his own blankety-blank business. The buses were even worse. There is no way that I’d want my own grandmother to ride on a bus with the degenerates that seem to take advantage of public transport, and there were plenty of OAP’s on the buses. It was sad.
We’re back home now in Texas and while I am enjoying my summer off, Gregg is trying to adjust to the Texas heat in cockpits. He’s not pleased about it.
I’ll write a few most posts about Scotland in the near future, but for now, I’ll content myself with this one.

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