Routines Reestablished


Everything seems to be back to normal now – Gregg’s going back to work, the house is clean, the cats are happy, the grass has recovered, and I’m getting ready for school again. We’re back to couponing and getting free stuff, which makes us both very happy. We’re battling over the air conditioning like an old married couple, and it feels comfortable and nice to do so, especially when we can laugh it off as easily as we do.

As of right now, we aren’t going to South Dakota for the reunion – the airline tickets would be at least $600, and I suspect it would be closer to $700 or higher after all final costs were considered. We need a new tire for the Mini (it has a nail), Gregg needs to go to the dentist again (and so do I), and we may need to start saving for foot surgery again.

Yes, you read it right, Troy is back. I won’t link to the pictures of my previous foot surgeries, so you can thank for that in the comments. For those of you who weren’t in the loop a few years ago, I have a recurring ganglion cyst that was so prominent, developed his own personality. The last time I went to the podiatrist, he hinted at fusing the joint if surgery was needed again. The last time they tried to aspirate it, nothing happened and the cortisone shot didn’t really help. I’m not too keen on fusing the joint because I’d end up with a permanent limp. Sigh. I’d look cute with a limp though, right?

I have a confession to make: I don’t have all of my thank you’s done yet. I really thought they’d all be done by now, but it’s been so hard trying to get the house back to normal once we got home. I really didn’t think it would be that big of a deal, but it has. I think this weekend, I may see if Gregg wants to lounge at the pool and write thank you’s and just make one big push to get them all done and sent. His mother is going back to the UK to see her first grandchild, so it would be great if we could get them all done in time for that.

In other news, as I mentioned before, I am now an auntie! Gregg’s brother Gavin and Louise had their first baby this past week. She’s beautiful and I can’t wait to meet her this winter when they all come over to the States. For the record, she has dark black hair. Not red.

Gregg’s not feeling too well – I think the heat got to him today. Hopefully he’ll feel better after a little dinner.


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