Hurricane Season


Last year, we took a pretty direct hit from Ike. Luckily, we’re pretty far inland, so we didn’t suffer any damage. It was my first really real hurricane in the eighteen years that I’ve lived here. We lost power for about a week, though many people were without it for much longer. Even today, you can still see a few places with blue tarps decorating the Houston area. We weren’t at our current house back then, but Gregg’s parents house didn’t suffer any damage either. They were lucky. They lost an outdoor ceiling fan and a few minor things,but nothing like roof damage. The wind was so bad however that rain water was blown back into a house vent and started dripping on their bed in the early morning hours. they had to go get plastic for the bed and put a bucket under the drip, but thankfully, it didn’t damage anything and didn’t require any repair.

This year, what would I do differently?

  1. I’d have a refrigerator party for the two or three days before it hit. We started eating everything we could, but there was just so much food, we needed to do it a little earlier to cut down on food losses.
  2. Freeze water. Lots of it. Not for the ice so much as for the cooling properties. Freeze washcloths and/or towels.
  3. Get a chainsaw and make sure it has gas in it. I can live without a generator, but the chainsaw seemed to be the most sought-after tool right after the hurricane.
  4. Keep some extra gas in a can in the garage (we have people come do the lawn each week – it’s a small price to pay for the time involved).
  5. We all seemed to have enough water, but I would have liked a little variety in what we drank.
  6. Get tank tops and shorts out and make sure they are clean before the storm hits. It gets SO hot when the power is out that clothing becomes an enemy.
  7. Bug spray. Lots and lots of bug spray. That’s the new cologne. The house gets so hot that it’s cooler outside, and the mosquitoes are out en masse after a storm.
  8. Keep the cell phone/computers charged before the storm.
  9. Keep a digital camera handy.
  10. Plan on staying at one location for a long time. we really didn’t want to be driving the day after unless you have to. we stopped off an checked on a few friends that were close by, but that’s about it.
  11. Stockpile beer/Jell-o shots. Booze is the new currency in the aftermath of a storm.
  12. Don’t watch movies like “The Perfect Storm” or “They Day After Tomorrow” like my father-in-law forced us to watch.

I still don’t know whether or not Gregg and I would stay here alone or go over to his parents’ place again. I kinda liked having the company when we played board games, but I don’t know if I would want to be away from the house.

No signs of trouble for us yet!


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  1. Regarding #5: I never understood the whole bottled water craze. I bought soda. My family ain’t drinking no stinkin’ water. :p

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