Alternative Medicine or Quackery?


After years (!) of foot pain, limping, pain pills, attempted aspirations, and surgeries, I think I am now at the point where I am willing to cross over into “quackery” for my cyst.

I don’t know what this means: diet change, herbs, acupuncture, or something else, but it seems like traditional methods have not worked for me. I think I am more scared about spending MORE money on another surgery that may or may not work, but will leave me with a permanent limp. It’s not I get a refund or a discount when the surgeries don’t work, and they get expensive. Sure, I have insurance, but I first have to pay my deductible, and then I have to pay 20%.  General anesthesia is expensive!

It’s one of those things that I don’t think people seem to understand. It’s not debilitating, but it does affect my daily routines. It’s painful enough that it doesn’t respond to OTC pain medication or even weaker prescriptions pain pills, but I’m not willing to throw up once a day just so that I can be pain free. I suppose I could always take the anti-nausea pill 30 minutes prior to taking the pain pill, but I don’t want to replace my foot pain with a pain in the butt (hahah, get it?).

From what I’ve seen, acupuncture will deal with it the same way the podiatrist did initially – aspiration and anti-inflammatory. One yoga board I looked at recommended an arthritis diet. I don’t care at this point – I just want to be able to walk around without wishing I had my cane.


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