Legally Riley


I finally went in for my name changes, and decided to hit the DPS office before the SS office. I spent two hours waiting to change my name. The woman who got there when it opened was #48 and spent over an hour being seen. I was #88. I expected an hour like her, but I was there for two hours. I spent the time talking to a realtor about saving money, drop outs, and other random nonsense. For those of you who haven’t gotten it yet – RENEW and CHANGE ADDRESSES ONLINE.

After that, I was dreading the SS office. Especially at lunchtime. It was a new building in a new location, and it was EMPTY. I was in and out in less than thirty minutes.

I’ve been wearing a bandage around my foot today, and it seems to help. I may throw down some money* for a more permanent wrap for my ankle since this seems to help.

I thought about going in to school again today, but I’m tired at this point. I think I’ll respond to a few things on the Internet, clean a bit, and take a nap. Maybe not in that order, though.

*Actually, it’s not real money at all. I was given 25 free ECB for a new prescription I brought in to CVS. God, I love coupons.


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