Mentors and Migraines


As many of you know, I am one class away from my M.Ed. in educational leadership. I have been taking my courses through an online program through Lamar University – no, it’s not the most prestigious program out there, but I’m looking at this more as a certification rather than a true master’s degree. My last actual class was supposed to be June 2009 – the final exam was a few days before my wedding. I had to make a decision – did I really want to be traipsing around in a foreign country with Damocles’ sword? A country which has dodgy internet accessibility? I decided to postpone the class thinking that they would accept credits from the University of St. Thomas. They didn’t. The next time they will offer that class in is 18 months. If I’m “lucky”, they’ll offer the class again next summer. Until then, I’m out of luck. I don’t have a contact person, so I’m stuck e-mailing back and forth between the nearly illiterate director of the program who doesn’t understand why I’m so upset at the prospect of taking my comprehensive final *years* after I have taken the class. I first started this course in 2008 – I’m looking at taking this last course in January of 2011.

Needless to say, I don’t recommend the Lamar University Academic Partnership.

In any case, I’ve had to postpone many of my personal goals because of this course. One of these goals that I’m excited about pursuing again is volunteering as a Big Sister. After teaching for so long, I’ve really tried to find groups that have made a difference. I’ve read so many good things about BBBS, and wonder what my current students’ lives would be like if they had had a postive mentor in their lives when they were younger.

Not only am I applying to be a Big Sister (I can’t bring myself to abbreviate it as BS), Gregg is applying to be a volunteer in the Klein school district. I really think he could be an effective mentor. I always hear that people need male volunteers, and I think Gregg really brings a unique perspective since he moved here from another country. He’s an outsider. He’s also really calm – he doesn’t yell or get overbearing. He’s good with Forrest, with Caitlyn, with Skylar, with his cousins – pretty much every kids I’ve seen him around. I just hope his non-citizen status won’t exclude him – he’s a resident and has a TDL, so I can’t see why not. Wish us luck!


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