My weekend


Daniel and Hillary are coming over tomorrow for lunch, so the plan is to run a few errands before they get here, have lunch with them, and then work on the house a little.

I think that I’d like to paint the downstairs bathroom. An olive color, maybe. Eventually, I think I’ll need to replace the mirror because it’s dated. There’s also this hideous decorative wood trim in all the bathrooms from 1979 that really needs to go. I don’t have the time or energy to deal with that right now.

Speaking of energy, Gregg has gone all Environmental Commando on me. Not that I dislike that. It’s just neat to see him spend hours researching green ideas for the house. He wants to recycle rainwater, install solar panels, and do all sorts of other expensive sounding upgrades to the house. I think it will save money in the long run and boost resale value, so I’m quite happy with his long term plans.

The gas got turned off on the 31st last month. Not because we didn’t pay our bills or anything – they installed a new meter, and they needed someone to be here when they turned the gas back on. Of course, we never recieved any notice about this – if we had, I could have been here and the conflict never would have occured. But that’s not the way things work. We came home, found the gas turned off, and resolved to call soon. Well, soon was today. Two weeks later.

It hasn’t been that big of a deal. We live in Texas. It’s August. We don’t really need a hot water heater right now. And I’ve been drying clothes on a rack outside for a few months now to cut down on gas usage. We have an electric kitchen, so we weren’t really suffering. Still, I’m glad we finally got the gas turned back on today. I’m just a little cranky that they couldn’t give us as ETA when the repairman would be here. That means that if I didn’t have such a flexible schedule today, Gregg would have had to take off the entire day to be here for a 15 minute repair. I raced home after teaching all day and I beat him by about a half an hour. Perfect timing!

Gregg went to training on Thursday to be a mentor at a local school. Looks like he’ll be showing up once a week during lunch to eat lunch and talk to a kid. He seemed pretty keen on the idea. I think it’s neat. He said the director was a little surprised because he was so young and male. I think they mainly get retired people to volunteer, but Gregg’s looking for any excuse to leave work early for lunch. The school he’s tentatively been assigned to is where our good friend H.W. works. Wouldn’t it be awesome if he got to mentor one of her students!

I’m really getting sleepy now – I suspect that my typing is worse than usual. I may not even spell check for this and just sneak off to bed.* G’night, all.

*In the end, I ran spell check and corrected one typo. That’s not saying this is an error free entry though. Happy proofreading!


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  1. I’ve got a simple and frugal plan that Gregg can use to build a rainwater collection system. My bro-in-law uses it and it’s brilliant. Also… solar panels can’t store enough “energy” to run heavy appliances. From what I’ve been told, they are good for running lights and ceiling fans. Otherwise, it becomes cost prohibitive in a hurry.

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