White after Labor Day


I’ve only been working for a few weeks now, and I’m already tired. Phew!

I’m happy I get a whole week for Thanksgiving, but Gregg has to work the whole week, so we’ll be staying in Houston. Maybe I’ll have Steve and Leslie over for turkey? Maybe I’ll have my dining room completed by then? Crap. Does this mean I’ll have to cook a turkey?

I think Gregg and I are going to try and make it up to STL for Christmas. Gav, Lou, and the baby won’t be able to make it to the States until the new year, so maybe January or February.

Mom is on Facebook and doing really well. She can post pictures, tag, and even write journals!

Getting closer to selling the Mini – the window is replaced! Now we just have to fix the body damage. We’re trying to get two decent cars for the selling price of the Mini. it’s been a good car – we’re just going to need two cars eventually.

Gregg’s kicking butt in the stock market with his strategy of earning more interest than a savings account at the bank. And he’s pleased as a kitten with catnip that we finally got ALL of our escrow back from Bank of American after Countrywide screwed us over… MULTIPLE times.

I’m off to bed. Coupons and Practice Thanksgiving tomorrow!


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