Lamar Academic Partnership Update


On September 1st, I got an update. Sadly, it was hidden under a pile of RE: messages and I didn’t see it until today. I really had lost hope in Lamar. I was actually searching my mail to see if someone had ever sent me a link where I could find locations that I could take my comp exams (I just missed one on Saturday) when I saw that I had a response from Dr. C. It was sent to me and CC’d to HL. Dr. C. told me that she was trying to fix the situation and said that I could make another class in place of Diverse Learners – all I needed to do is contact HL and we’ll set it up. Well, it’s been awhile, and I never heard from HL, so I sent her an e-mail today. Her response? Sorry, we don’t do make up courses. The next time I’ll be offered is October 2010. So I sent her a copy of the original e-mail (duly noted that it was also sent to her as well) and said this is what I was given. She responded with that she hadn’t heard anything and that she’d get back to me.

She just flat out lied to me. I know that she heard something on the 1st, because I can see that it was CC’d to her!

I’m so done with this program. Please, if any random readers stumble upon this post who are thinking of taking classes from the Lamar Academic Partnership, run away. Save your time. Save your money. Save your sanity.

This is a joke.


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