Something Smells Fishy: Lamar University Academic Partnership


I am paying almost 5K for my “master’s degree”, but apparently Lamar thinks so highly of their program that they are upping the price to almost 6K for this year. I personally can’t see how they can justify it.

I still haven’t heard from Lamar since my last e-mail back in September. September 1st, I was told that I could take a make up class, but then have gotten dismissed (or ignored) every time I have inquired about it.

So yesterday, my friend tells me an interesting story about her latest class with Lamar. She’s taking a desktop publishing class right now and has a 74. I couldn’t believe it. A 74!?! She then tells me that the class lectures have been about evolution and aliens. One of her test (quiz?) questions was about how an alien would view a 2D graphic.

My jaw dropped. When she complained, Lamar basically told her to suck it up.

I hate to say it, but misery loves company. I’m just glad I’m not the only one who sees this pathetic excuse for a college for what it is: a waste of time and money. Thank God I’m trying to actually become a principal or get my Ph.D. – I’d be screwed!

In other news, after Gregg and I got home from Scotland, we decided to clean the fish pond out. We’ve always wanted to expand it for koi, but just didn’t really want to invest the time (read $$$) to fix it all up. But once the fish died, I wanted to at least give it a good clean to before we bought new fish.

Holy Crap. The fish pond looks like it was built by third graders in a school project gone awry. Horribly awry.

Luckily, we have Gregg’s dad who is more than eager to help us. He started building a pond back in Scotland before he moved over here, so he knows what he’s doing – at least more than I do. He and Gregg are making great progress – I’m hoping that we’ll have a huge spankin’ new pond by the time Thanksgiving comes around.

Other than that, nothing interesting. Just been super busy at work. The weekend can’t come fast enough for me!


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