A Non-Lamar Update


I just realized that the majority of my posts have been about Lamar. Boo. Yuck. Hiss. I promise that for the rest of the post, I won’t mention it.

D. just turned thirty, and is having a Halloween party on Saturday for his b-day. He as working off shore on his *real* birthday, and besides, his original due date was 10/31 before his mother decided to induce labor early, so it’s cool. Honestly, I think I’d rather stay at home, watch scary movies, and hand out candy this year, but I can’t do that to D. He came to Scotland for my wedding! He’s my buddy! He’s got my back, so I’ll be there, come Hell or crappy costume.

G., L., and baby A. are planning to visit the States in the new year. I haven’t seen baby A. yet, but I can’t wait to pinch her little cheeks! I also get a kick out of watching Gregg hold babies – he acts so scared when he’s around them, but I think he warms up quickly.

Mom is coming for Thanksgiving! I’m so excited! She hasn’t seen the house yet, and I get a WHOLE WEEK OFF OF WORK! We haven’t worked out the details yet, but I can’t wait to see her. I keep trying to send hints about buying a house in Houston her way, but she hasn’t taken the bait yet.

Gregg took his A+ Certification tests last Friday and passed with flying colors! He’s now a dreaded IT nerd. After spending so long bad mouthing them, I don’t know I’ll be able to rectify this situation. 🙂 No we just have to get his scrawny butt a job.

The pond is… oh, screw it. I’m not going to lie. The pond is a great big mud hole in the back yard. I’m hoping that we’ll get it done by Thanksgiving, but it’s a daunting task. Thank God Gregg and Steve seem to be fairly keen on the project and work on it every weekend.

And I think that’s pretty much it. See, I have been things other than just complaining. 🙂


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