Light at the End of the Tunnel?


I vent a lot. But there is a difference between venting and complaining.

I’m a problem solver, first and foremost. The problem that I want to solve right is fairly obvious.

After getting my principal involved with my Lamar Academic Nightmare (she helped track down who I should contact), I called a woman today who seemed very helpful and receptive.

I sent her a copy of the majority of my e-mails with Lamar, and I’m hoping to hear back from her soon with a status on my class and graduation date.

I think the feeling that is hitting me right now is anxiety – I feel like I did before I took one of D. Fair’s final exams and I freaked out. I think it was an anxiety attack, but self-diagnosing hasn’t really gotten me anywhere.

In any case, I’m starting to breathe a little easier. Starting to think that maybe I’ll get this monster taken care of soon.

I just want it over and done with already.


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