Holding Breath – Lamar Academic Partnership


Last I heard, I’d get an update on my make-up course on Monday. As of right now, I am still waiting to hear back from the person that I e-mailed on 10/28.

I don’t know why I am suprised. When I contacted my district, they directed me to the person I contacted on the 28th from State U, but really, shouldn’t they (my district) know about this? If it’s a partnership, then don’t you think my district has a vested interest to know what is happening? Do they really want to attach their name and reputation to something so… dishonest?

I don’t know if dishonest is the right word. Unprofessional? Unethical?

Ugh. I just want to to track down all the people who have given testimonials for Lamar Academic Partnership and tell them what have vouched for, explain to them what exactly they are promoting.

I’ve started searching for blogs that reference Lamar, and posting. Here’s a comment I left on one:

I admit it – I got suckered into the Lamar Academic Partnership because of the price, but I have paid dearly for it. I have experienced nothing but incompetence, starting with poorly written tests. I am now one class (plus my “internship”) away from a degree, but am going to have to put it all off for almost two years. Because I am not not actively enrolled in a class, I do not get ANY information from Lamar. I have no idea when comp. test dates are and I have no idea if my portfolio is even being graded. No one at the school seems at all concerned about my situation, and why would they? They already have over 4K of moneyout of my pocket – they have nothing to lose.

Compared with my friends who have gotten a M.Ed. in a more traditional manner, I feel that I was basically just doing busy work to warrant a grade. Many times, my instructions were so unclear that my course assistant didn’t even know what the assignment was asking for. On a test, I once was asked a true/false question over a question (i.e. Is the sky blue? True or false).

I have been e-mailing the school since June, and have never gotten a satisfactory reply. In fact, just today, I caught one represenative in a flat out lie. Obviously she must not know what a CC is on an e-mail.

I’m just hoping that this situation will get resolved soon. Worst case scenario – I’ll be taking Diverse Learners in August of 2010, which is still better than December 0f 2010, which is the date I was originally given.


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