Devilish Swing to my Step


You wanna know the truth? The dirty, rotten truth? I’m a teacher because I’m a show off. When I’m in the classroom, I havea captive (literally) audience. I can sing, dance, yell – and they all have to sit and watch me! <insert evil laugh here> But sometimes, I get tired of competing with the laptops, curriculum, and students who are also show offs, so I have to get my fix from a second job.

I work as an independent actor for for companies like Frowbiz and Best Entertainers. In fact, if you go to to Frowbiz, they have four pictures of me on the front page of the site. (I’d suggest clicking “thumbnails” under the pictues to see them all). I love it! I get to do some of the wackiest things and make a little extra money doing it, too.

I’ve been a Deadly Sin, a pirate, a saloon girl, a tv reporter, a random woman in pj’s and curlers, a siren, Mary-Katherin Gallagher, a Russian, a Prohibitionist, and a Parking Fairy. Last night, I got to be “Demon on Swing” – it was GREAT FUN!

The swing was scary at first – it was a skateboard on a chain, but once I got used to it, it was great fun! The only thing is that I wished we could have interacted with the audience a bit more – I had some great lines worked out, but we were so far up that no one heard us, nor us them.

I kicked two people in the head – one was a guy dressed up as a Cardinal, so he had on a really high hat. The other guy was just really tall, and wearing a wig with snakes, and my foot caught his wig and pulled it right off! I felt a little guilty about that, but hey – I’m a demon!

It’s gigs like last night that get me excited about the next one! Can’t wait!

(I’m about 1:11 in this clip)


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