Nearer and nearer!


Got an e-mail today that basically told me to complete a Student Status Change Form. However, the Word doc I was sent was uneditable in Word, so (with Gregg’s help), after some IT hocus pocus and much gnashing of teeth, I finished! It should have only taken me five minutes at the most, but with troubleshooting and changing all of the form fields, it ended up taking me almost an hour.

I don’t understand why everything has to be do difficult with Lamar. It sounds great in theory. Even now, I find myself questioning my situation – surely *I* did something to screw things up this badly, right? I don’t think so. Even know, after everything, I still stand beside most of my decisions. If I had to do anything over again, I would have started Lamar on ONE computer (rather than trying to install the software on my work computer – hah!) and I would have worked on my portfolio during my time off. After June, when I had a few glitches with Brighten, I decided to hold off on submitting items to my portfolio, but I stupidly decided not to work on my portfolio. Sigh. I guess I was just over the whole Lamar thing that I pretended I didn’t need to work on it.

Don’t get me wrong – I have been working on it – it’s just I need to get it all put in one place and submitted to Brighten.

Ugh. Let’s see how Applying for Graduation turns out.

If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry.


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