I hate it when I’m right…


After the whole hassle last night, I get a response from Lamar today: we got your info, but you’re screwed because we don’t offer make up classes and the next time that class will be offered is in August of 2010.

I once again e-mailed my contact person at State U and offered some suggestions:

1. Accept transfer credit from St. Thomas
2. Give me an independent study
3. Let me work on a project
4. Let me take a course through Sam Houston (or another real instition covered by State U)
5. Let me take an on-line class through another State U Academic Partnership

Basically, let me do anything to get this credit ASAP.

She’s seems like she’s trying to work with me, but I have no idea what is going on.

I feel a bit backed into corner. I don’t have many options left, and I’ve tried suggesting a few. It’s not like I’m demanding a make up course – I’m demanding to take this class and graduate in a timely fashion – again, I should have graduated in August.

I’m a bit disturbed that Lamar doesn’t seem to give a rat’s rear end about my situtuation – no one from Lamar had given me any suggestions as to what I should do.

So. I’m just going to get my complaint letters written tonight, maybe do a little investigation of my own, and make some brownies. I also have got to work on my grading, portfolio (guess I can put this off a little more again), and the ELAR newsletter.

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I do not recomend Lamar. If you are in Lamar’s Academic Partnership Program, run away before you get too many hours. If you are thinking of Lamar, go with a real university. I wish I had never sent them a check in the first place.


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