Teeth Grinding


I had fully intended on working on my portfolio tonight, but I’m so upset with Lamar right now that I don’t even want to open the damn program.

I’m trying not to infect Facebook with my loathing, but it’s so hard for me to resist posting nasty comments in the Lamar Academic Partnership student group. I have to refrain from posting updates every day about my status with Lamar. I grit my teeth everytime I see a post about December graduation. I sit on my hands in order to hit “reply” when I get e-mails promoting Lamar.

I am really trying hard not to be “that person”. But I think I am failing.

After much considerating, I think I am going to make an official ethics complaint. I don’t think anything will happen of it, but at least I have the complaint in writing. I don’t even know if what I am experiencing is a true ethics violation or just gross incompetence, but I suppose I’ll let the ethics committee figure that one out.


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