The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Class


I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but after getting denied and ignored so long, the Miller in me just couldn’t stand it anymore. I didn’t think that my complaint was really and truly an ethics complaint, so did something else.

I e-mailed the Vice-President of Student Affairs.

I got the name of yet another person, but she was on the ball. A tiger! I sent her e-mail last night, and she responded within an hour.

And then today – I got an e-mail with an apology and an offer to take a make up class starting November 16, with my Internship to start on January 16th. I really didn’t expect this at all. Of course, I accepted and have already paid for the class.

The victory is bittersweet, however. One of the ladies I started the courses with is graduating next month. Another woman I work with who started almost a year after I did will graduate a few months after me. But that doesn’t really matter, right? What matters is that in a few months, I will have my M.Ed.

Now I just have to get back to working on that portfolio. Hah. I took a look again it it today, and it’s not completely scarce. Also, I’m racking up lots of experience that I can use – writing curriculum projects, presenting in-service to the school, textbook committee, writing the ELAR newsletter, Superintendent’s Advisory Council – that sort of thing. I think I’ll have way more hours than I actually need. I’m an overachiever.

I really wasn’t planning on walking, but then thought Mom and Dad would really want to see it. So, I’ll swallow my pride, get a cap and gown, and walk across that stage. Since I did it all on-line, it really doesn’t feel like I did when I graduated from Sam or even SoHo. I don’t have any friends who are walking with me. I don’t even have many people who will show up. I wonder if they will make the distinction between people who earned the degree in a traditional setting and the people who did it on-line? Again, no matter. I’ll be there with my family and I’ll be happy.

 And how do I celebrate this victory? Why, with a burnt pot pie and a MIA husband! Gregg’s at the HOA meeting right now, concerned about the Klein 2008 Bond project. We’re a teensy bit worried that when the district rezones (and MOVES the location of the high school), that’s we’ll end up on the wrong side of the road to feed into the high school we want to feed into.

I’m a little cranky about this new development, because we waited to buy a houseuntil AFTER the bond passed and there was a plan developed. So we bought a house right next to the high school. Now the plan has changed (or at least, it will) and we’re going to be left wondering for some time. I guess it’s better to start talking now and let the KISD Board of Trustees know that we don’t want to be rezoned into a different high school.

I was never political until we bought a house and started thinking about a family. Now, I’m starting to get more and more vocal about what politicians are doing (or not doing). I’ll have to post more on this later – right now, I want to breathe a little. Get away from the computer – I think I sit incorrectly when I’m typing and it hurts my back.


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