Happy Dance


Sometime today, I’ll be getting my dining room table and chairs. I came home one day last week and discovered that Gregg had gone out and bought them as a suprise for me. What a sweetie pie!

So, I’m taking a break today from the portfolio (got a lot done today!) and went to one of my blogs only to read a comment disparaging Houston’s crime rate. This was written from a resident of Louisiana. What cheek, I thought! So, I fed the troll by leaving a message. I just think it’s funny that someone from LA who sent over all of the Katrina refugees (yes, I say refugees) has the gall to comment on Houston crime.

It’s not like we were squeaky clean before we accepted almost 200, 000 Lousianians, but we did see a spike in crime. Not all of that was because the New Orleans residents, but I’ll go out on a limb and say a lot was.

It just struck a nerve with me, which is probably what the intent was. I’m not a huge Houston defender, but I feel realtively safe, as long as I’m not driving on the freeway. Hah.

POnd should be dug and be relined by the time Mom gets here next week, but I’m not demanding it. My new time frame for the pond to be complete is Christmas. I don’t even need fish by that time – it might be nice to have some floating candles in the pond


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