Thrift Store Adventure!


Mom’s in town right now, and today, we are embarking on a 12 store run in and around Houston today. God, I love Google maps. We’re starting down in Pasadena and just working our way back up 45. We’re skipping a lot, but I think this will keep us busy for the entire day. I just hope we skip rush hour – I kind of forget about things like that when I’m on vacation.

Gregg got the dining room set all taken care of, and I immediately littered it with china and chargers! It’s beautiful! Unfortunately, the mustard wall color is a little distracting, but I still don’t know what to do about all that stupid painted over wallpaper applied directly on the wallboard. Daud suggested that we just replace all of the drywall, but that scares the crap out of me. I was thinking maybe I’ll just try to paint over it for a little while, but that just seems like a waste of time.

Had an estimate to replace the windows – we really want to do it all at one time, but Gregg’s still on the job hunt, so we had him give it to us in three sections: 1. All upstairs; 2. The eight giants windows downstairs; and 3. The rest of the downstairs windows. I think we are just going to wait and see what happens when Gregg gets a job – the large 8 windows were a little cost prohibitive right now, and I don’t really want to compromise with those since we’ll be losing some of the pond view if we go the cheaper route.

Speaking of the pond, Gregg and Daud have started to cement it. But it’s going to take a lot more cement than they originally thought. It looks really, really nice though. Gregg needs to take a few pictures for posterity.

I’m nearing the halfway point with my portfolio – I think I’m making pretty good progress on it right now. I only have three entries left for my course embedded hours, and then I have to start working on my campus supervised hours. I just wish that I knew what I was doing. Since I started my portfolio so late (thanks to Lamar, we got it almost a year after we started the first class), I had to log fewer hours than everyone else in in the program, but I don’t have any confirmation that I am still on that plan. They have also added and changed elements of the portfolio that I have not heard anything about, because I was not an “official” student. My current course instructor is not familiar with portfolios since he’s involved with teachers leadership and not administration, and I really hesitate e-mailing Lamar for any assistance or help at this point.

Yes, HL e-mailed me an apology, but Carolyn Crawford has not sent me anything. No apology. No explanation. No “whoops”. Nothing.

I’ve been talking with a few other people who have gone through this program, and realized that if this is all that I have had to deal with, I’m pretty lucky. Even though I have gotten this far, I won’t consider anything to be a victory until I have that degree conferred and I see a pay increase in my salary.

I bought a 20lb. turkey for about 5 bucks the other day! Thank God Mom is here, because I’d have no idea what to do with it if she weren’t. I would love to deep fry a turkey, but I think I’ll go traditional this time around. Next year, maybe I’ll go the deep fried route.


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