Twiddles and Twaddles


I have eight more days of waking up early until winter break. That, I can handle.

Stuck doing lots of laundry. I have a bad tendency to procrastinate chores I hate, and while I don’t mind washing clothes, I HATE folding clothes. You now see my problem. I wish I had enough money to drop my laundry off at a pay site in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon ready to put put away. I can dream, can’t I?

I love school right now. I love teaching. I actually even like my Lamar class (and my academic coach) this session.

In other news, it snowed in Houston again last Friday. And it was a real snow, too. Not the dinky flurries we normally get. I’ve seen snow once a year for the past few years now. Kinda cool. Don’t really miss it all that much, but I would like to maybe throw a *real* snowball at Gregg one of these days.

No real plans for Christmas. Just keeping my fingers crossed that Gregg gets a job. Think maybe I’ll try and paint a room. Maybe get the upstairs rooms organized and cleared. Well, at least my book room. I’m not touching Gregg’s “computer lab”.

Gregg’s been volunteering his time to help out friends with their computer issues – an old co-worker of his, two teachers I work with – and refusing to take any money from them. He says he’s trying to get experience and references for his resume (which he is), but I think he’s genuinely happy that he’s helping people.


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