Sipping on gin and juice…


Well, I will be, come May. I am applying for graduation today, and I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if I am going to walk across that stage with Lamar. I don’t want to drive down there and I don’t want to give them anymore money than I have to and I don’t want to be on that campus unless I am forced to (i.e. comp exams).

While everyone else is dressed up in pomp and circumstance, I will be in my backyard, comfortably drinking a beer with my friends, relaxing by the pond. That sounds better to me than getting cattled around with a bunch of strangers just to be handed a piece of paper by incompetent jackholes.

All I have left to do is my comp exam and finish my last class, which consists of a reflexive paper. I can do that. I can write a paper till my fingers bleed. I think I’m at about page 7 right now. I expect that I’ll be somewhere around 20 by the end of the week.

In other news, my bedroom and bathrooms are spotless. I love it. My laundry is clean and folded and hung. Tonight I’m going to work on the living room and kitchen. I feel so… domestic. I love having a clean house. Makes me feel so, warm and fuzzy inside. Like Megan.


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