Old routines


Last update in January! I’m slacking.

Actually, I’m not. I’m done with my Lamar classes. Took my practice TExES Exam in Beaumont. Completed my ILD training. Still working full time. Keeping the house clean(ish). Going to write curriculum for 12th grade ELAR this year. Still working on ELAR newsletter.

I think I’m missing some things, too.

Allergies are killing me. It’s that time of the year in Houston when everything is covered with that thin line of greenish-yellow foam.

Got to see Andy on Wednesday when Gregg and I went to Houston. He went to Texas Workforce Solutions again, and again it was a waste of his time. Being back down in Houston, I remembered how much I miss it. Specifically, hanging out with my friends and walking to the Icehouse. Oh, well. Adulthood is all about compromises, right?

Spring Break has come and gone – I go back to work tomorrow. What did I do all break? Work on ILD. I spent some time at the pool on Monday, but that was pretty much it for me. It’s 3:12 now, and I still have cleaning I want to get done. Sometimes I feel like a single mom, without the kids.

Just taking a quick break from laundry and cleaning the bathrooms. I guess it’s back to work for me.


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  1. I was searching for the Lamar ILD and this website popped up. Sorry you had such a bad experience. I have a question, where did you take the ILD class? I don’t see any information on this on the website. My experiences have been mixed with this program as well.


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