And, it’s done.


I’m really and truly done – graduation was Saturday, and instead of walking, I had a party here at my house. Last night, the “diploma” came in the mail – may as well have been a cracker-jack box for all I care.

I’m a member of the Lamar Academic Partnership group of Facebook, and someone has the nerve to post the question “Who’s going on for their doctoral degree?” I almost wet my pants.

Do they really think that the program that we just went through PREPARED them for a Ph.D. (or Ed.D.)? Then, someone said that Lamar was actually thinking of doing their own program. Yeah, right, No way in HELL that I am going to be the guinea pig for that program. How long as this Academic Partnership Program been going on and they can’t get that crap right.

I also caught Lamar in a few more lies. I finished my ILD training in March, and was trying to register for the TExES test, and contacted Lamar with my ILD information. I was told that I would have to send over (via gmail) my TEA number and my SS number. I responded back with my TEA number, and said I didn’t feel comfortable giving my social out over e-mail: was my TEA number sufficient? A few days later, I got an e-mail that told me to call “R” to get this taken care of.

While on the phone to “R”, she explained to me that I could have just sent them over my TEA number. I said that I did. *pause* “Well, that e-mail wasn’t to me.”


In any case, I’m all ready to take the TExES test next month. Wish me luck!


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