Papa was always an adventurer at heart – I fancy that’s where I get it from. When I only a very small child, my parents moved to the British colony on Mars. When Mama died, we moved back to Earth, but still lived with the savages in Kenya. As a representative of the Queen, Pap tried to bring order to where we lived, but it was still a rough life. He never could find a suitable governess for me, and consequently, I was raised by my father. I spent a lot of time on safari and working with weapons. I learned how to bluff my way through pharo before I knew how to play it, and soon enough, I was forbidden from playing for money with my father’s foremen.

When I was 13, Papa was called back to London, and I was introduced for the first time to life with my own people. I didn’t fit in. I was more comfortable wearing a pith helmet and trousers than a corset and a fan. I was socially awkward. I was given a little leeway, seeing as I had been raised with savages, but I soon learned that I felt more at home with the savages than this self-proclaimed nobility.

Papa soon hired a proper governess, I was quickly taught the ways of a gentlewoman. I can dance. I can play the piano. I know what gloves to wear with which dress. But it was so uncomfortable. I’d much rather be shooting skeet on the range, or visiting the colonies on Mars, but that was not to be.

I was presented to the court on my 20th birthday and the suitors followed. I would get scolded for leading the men on and wasting their time, but I was not interested in them at all. Besides, they only wanted to marry me for my dowry. Luckily enough for me, Papa knew it. When I told him that I wanted to leave, he silently agreed. The rest of the court thought I was mad, anyway. It was easy to leave. With his blessing, I took one of his ships – The Silver Darling, and took a crew who were eager to adventure.

After about four years of travelling sea, space, and sky, I ended up discovering a rift – and landed in what seems to be an alternate universe. Once again, I do not fit in, but I’ve been able to make friends quite quickly. I am a fast learner.

My crew, for the most part, is handling the shock of this alternate world rather well. The ones who came with me were had nothing to leave behind – no wives; no children. So while we would all like to find out way home, we are interested in exploring this new world. We have a gentleman’s agreement regarding salaries in this new world: we all work together as a team. Any money we earn is split evenly amongst the crew, although truth be told, most money goes toward food and repairs on the ship.


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