Captain’s Log – Game 1


Had quite an interesting day. I took on a few new passengers quite unexpectedly. W- brought back two people (male and female) and a rather large, intimidating machine who seems to have a God complex. They had not been aboard the ship long enough to exchange introductions and other pleasantries when they were attacked. And by they, I include the ship and her crew.

In the midst of this battle, yet another strange event happened: a large alien lizard fell from the sky, damanging my ship even further. Luckily, it ended the enemy fire, as he (?) took out a good many enemies with his descent. He seems to be semi-intelligent, and is trying to speak. I hope he has come value where he can work the off his damage to the ship.

The new passengers, B- and 11, are rather odd. I cannot tell if The Machine leads them or if it follows them. The girl is quiet and disturbed. The man seems to be in charge, as much as one can be in charge of that group. The Machine seems to think it is a God and is trying to convert people. So far, it seems only to have one convert – the Lizard who now calls himself Gabriel. This is going to be a long journey.

The good Doctor has been rather quiet lately. I certainly hope that she does not decide to bite any of our new passengers. They seem to be quite foreign to land as well. Not sure if they are from this world.

I decided to leave through the portal in case of more attacks.  B- was rather shocked that the ship is capable of space travel. Seems to be some problem with space debris from a way of some sort.

Took them out to an abandoned space station. B- seemed to know pretty well. From what I understand, he is from this world, just from a different (earlier) time. He must have left right before an attack of the S-, and the ship went down. The one fellow who is still around melded himself with the technology and went crazy. I don’t know if he is in control of the space station or if some other devious entity is in charge, but we were attacked by reanimated corpses. We ran.

New plan. These people seem to attract trouble and I still haven’t talked with them about prices. They don’t seem to bother much with *where* we head, but I will talk to them before I make any final plans.

The Lizard, however, is another story. He seems to be gaining basic conversation skills and limited talents. Perhaps he might be useful after all. At the very least, he is an impressive curiousity.

I am quite bored. here’s hoping that these new passengers will add a bit of interest whilst searching for fuel sources!


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