Captain’s Log – Game 2


Recieved monies from 22 for the damage to the ship. Honest enough. Didn’t seem to be bothered with financial stresses.

Dear Wiglaf has learned much from The Machine. Perhaps I can listen to him ramble on about infidels if I can get a decent Sunday roast out of it.

Dropped B- and 22 off at the agreeed upon location to meet someone who might have knowledge about where we could find fuel. We are slowly running out, and this planet, as I have already determined, is lacking in compatible resources.

Before we could make contact with our contact, swine decided to engage us in combat. Large swine. B- was trying to negotiate beer, and somehow that turned into a fight. It could have been their aggressive nature that triggered phyical violence, or it could have been something… else.

The Machine, advocate for the less fortunate that he is, tried to reclaim the meat from the swine. Coupled with our extraordinary feats of figthing prowress terrified the locals. Luckily, B- was able to distract The Machine from taking the corpses back to the ship. While I do love a good bit of bacon, I daresay I did not look forward to supping on the flesh of my fallen enemies. I like more… subtle victories.

We did recieve a tidy bounty for the swine who attacked us. Word must have spread about the attack, for people stayed clear of us after that. I think most talk centers around the good doctor.


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