My plants


Can I just say that I love my backyard? Most of the time, it’s too hot for me to fully appreciate it, but today is a temperate 81 degrees, so here I am, admiring my backyard.

I have grand aspirations: I want a tropical paradise in Houston. This is what I have so far:

  • potted Bougainvillaea
  • potted Plumeria (never blooms, but has leaves)
  • planted and potted Hibiscus
  • planted Ginger (the standard green leaves)
  • potted blooming ginger (love, love, love)
  • potted Corn Plant
  • potted Calla Lilies (hasn’t bloomed lately)
  • planted Canna Lilies (aren’t as fast growing as I had hoped)
  • planted Birds of Paradise (haven’t bloomed since I’ve moved in)
  • pothos – planted in bog and is GIANT
  • Aquatic Mint in bog
  • Horsetail planted in bog
  • purple Elephant Ear planted in bog
  • planted Bottlebrush (first season of real flowering)
  • Date Palm
  • Red Banana Plant
  • Dwarf Banana (lots of babies)
  • planted Yucca (we can’t kill this thing)
  • Aquatic Lilies

Plants that I would like to try:

  • Sweet Olive tree
  • more flowering ginger – including butterfly ginger
  • more lilies
  • more hibiscus
  • more bougainvillaea
  • more ginger

This is just for the backyard – I have high hopes for my front yard, side yard, and the back area behind the garage.

Other things that needs to get done for the backyard:

  • Power wash the patio
  • Stain the wooden furniture
  • Get new cushions for the wicker chairs
  • Trim giant shaggy bushes
  • Fix the fairy lights on the oak tree
  • Herb garden on the outdoor shelf
  • More patio plants

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