A Little Overwhelmed



Everything was fine yesterday. I cleaned the shower.

Today? I can’t do anything. The problem is that while I have started to clean, it makes me want to get my bathroom in order. That means declutter the countertops. Easy job, right? Wrong. This requires storage baskets of some sort, which then requires me to buy something suitable for bathroom, but I don’t want to buy anything NOW that won’t go along with the bathroom decor that I want when I remodel the bathroom (whenever that’s going to happen).

First,I decided to start simple and just buy new hardware for the cabinets and some storage containers. And since I’m out, I may as well get a few new hand towels. Simple. But what color?

I then started to look at colors of paint (so I could at least decide what color I wanted my spa-like bathroom to be), but then that required me to know other design elements of my dream bathroom.

This is how my life gets out of control. This is why I can’t simply “clean a bathroom” – because it triggers obsessive personality. This is how I end up sick to my stomach, my bathroom still a mess, my bedroom a mess, and me crying over my shoebox bathroom decorations.



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