Meet my cats. No, really



This is Megan. She is an adorable, ten year old Manx. I think angels classified as a “rumpy riser,” as evidenced by the next picture.


Oh, and she only had one eye. She lost that a few years ago. The very seemed to think she had punctured it either in an accident or rough horse (cat?) play. She likes to talk back to you, play fetch, and have her eye socket rubbed. She does not like the outdoors, car rides, or having her butt cleaned when she has dingles, or even worse – accidents.

She is compact, but very small, even though you can’t tell at first glance.


She is very protective of the house and will grow when the doorbell rings. She is a force to be reckoned with when she puffs up in anger, though most don’t take her too seriously.

She thinks bandanas are fashionable, and who am I to argue otherwise?






I’ll introduce Elizabeth tomorrow.


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