Cats in the Cradle


Ok, not really, but we do have cats in the yard. And not MY cats. No, these are large, scabby feral cats that have decided that my backyard is a budding tropical paradise. And it it, but not for them!

Normally, I don’t mind the wildlife in my yard: lizards, toads, birds, snakes, but the feral cats are a but much. For one, they are QUITE loud. The romantic yowling (and territorial fights) are enough to wake us both up in the middle of the night. At one point, we were woken up so much that Gregg started keeping a glass of water next to the bed so he had easy access to toss it at them as he chased them out of the yard.

The other problem – the one that I hate the most – is the spraying.  It’s nasty.

We have trapped them and sent them off to the SPCA before – a death sentence, I know, but we were at our wits end.

Gregg has plans to set up a motion-activates sprinkler system – he has heard lukewarm reviews about the ultra-sonic sound deterrents. I have also read about using scent to deter them, but I don’t think that’s a long term solution.

I have tried the trap-neuter-release (TNR), but Gregg isn’t sold on that. I’m not too sure how to the HOA would feel about me becoming a colony caretaker, and I really don’t want the added expense to taking care of a colony.

What are your thoughts? Anything out there I need to know? Remember, this is a suburb of Houston, so I’m not likely to drive 40 miles one way INTO rush hour traffic to pay for a TNR. Free? Maybe.


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