I’ve known since September 28th that I was pregnant, and I still can’t really believe it.

We were having the TSTA social that Friday, and I expecting my period – I think all of my pregnancy optimism had been exhausted by this point. Thursday night, Gregg asked me how I was doing, and I grumpily replied that my period was coming – I was cranky and bloated and feeling a little crampy. Normally the conservative one, he surprised me when he said “You *know* your period is coming or you just *think* it’s coming?”

I know it probably didn’t mean anything to him, but for some reason, my stomach went to my throat. If he was being positive and optimistic, maybe I really was pregnant! I was so excited that I woke up at 4:00 am. I forced myself to stay in bed until 5:00, and then I took the test.


I had all these grandiose plans on how I was going to break the news to Gregg, but instead I just woke him up bawling.
He made me take a few more pregnancy tests that day, one more on Saturday, and then *another* on Sunday before he finally admitted it.

So here I am. 8.7 weeks pregnant. Tomorrow marks the start of week 9.

I had been feeling ok up until this point, but I just in this last week, I started getting sick. No real throwing up, just nausea and food aversions. I’m hungry, but I don’t want to eat anything. Tonight, my meal of choice was corn flakes. Exciting.  I can also do pretty well with fruit, but anything with any substance queases my my stomach right up. I was totally expecting morning sickness to be a snap: get up in the morning, throw up, brush my teeth, and be superwoman the rest of the day. And then reality decided to bitch slap me. Oh, it’s not as bad as some people have it, but it was definitely a shock. I really wasn’t expecting it.

So far, we have had two ultrasounds – I have seen and *heard* the heartbeat – 160 beats per minute. We’ve told our parents, a few friends, but I think people are starting to suspect. I also have the hardest time keeping it a secret. I’m such a blabbermouth!

Right now, my plan to keep it on the down low for a few more weeks, and then go public with it the Friday before Thanksgiving – I don’t want to showboat people’s Thanksgivings with my news, and this way, I can break it to my school right before a week’s holiday.

So far, my due date is June 5th – a little Gemini. Not only are people already guessing on the sex, they are also taking bets on whether or not it’s a red head!

So that’s that. I’ll keep this unpublished until the reveal date, but for now, I’m off to take a nap. 🙂


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