Not much has changed here. I personally still can’t believe that there’s something (someone?) growing inside of me. I occasionally look at Gregg and squeal out a “I’m pregnant!” No real changes – I gained a pound since my last visit, and considering the food aversions and the “morning” sickness, I’m pretty darn pleased with that.

Most people seem to think it’s a girl: heartbeat both times have been over 150 – first time was 160, last heartbeat was 168. And the only thing I can seem to stomach is fruit, particularly tart fruits. Pineapple, grapefruit, green apples, and other citrus fruits. Fried foods make me sick. I can’t stand the thought of popcorn or macaroni and cheese right now. Gregg and his hotdogs (and his hotdog burps) are enough to send me into the other room. In fact, Mom gave me a purse over Thanksgiving, and the smell of it made me go running to the toilet.

In other news, Mom and Dad both made it for Thanksgiving. Well. Mom made it. Dad made it on Black Friday. Good enough for me. We actually had all of our parents over for Saturday and Dad made some ribs. We even had David and the neighbors over as well.

Poor Mom. I think she was expecting to spend some quality time with me, but if I wasn’t sleeping, I was barfing the entire trip. I’m so charming.

We haven’t started looking at this baby in a realistic fashion – no ideas on childcare yet, no names yet, we haven;t even really looked at the pamphlets the OB’s office gave us. Parents of the year, right here! I’m happy that Gregg started to clean out the room designated for the nursery. It’s not completely ready to go just yet, but I think that when I start to show, we’ll both be more motivated to put some real effort into a nursery.

In fact, I think I’m to snuggle up in bed with a cat right now. So sleepy.


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