7 Months Later…


I haven’t updated here in a long while. Long story short, we lost the baby in early January. Most of my time has been spent dealing with grief in my other blog, so I’m not going to bring that over to this site (other than this one lil’ post).

My life is slowly getting back to normal, like  I’m trying to lose weight so I can fit back into my favorite pair of jeans. I’m so tantalizingly close, that sometimes I think I’ve reached it. And then other times, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to wear those jeans again.

Since that point, I’ve taken a three week writing class, testified before the Texas Senate, and seemingly grew a pair of balls out of nowhere.

I have lots of things to share, but I feel like I just needed to get this out of the way first.

There’s no eloquent way to do this, so I’m just going to hit submit on this and let it be.



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